Page From The Diary Of A High Class Escort

Hi, I am delighted you have found my site as I think I am the high class escort you are looking for. High class escorts are always in demand and I will tell you why.I am an experienced, sophisticated high class escort, well educated, especially in creative arts, am sensual and very feminine. Although I am by nature a fairly quiet person, I am quite adventurous and life has given me rich and varied experiences and the ability to mix with all kinds of people. That’s the most important trait of a high class escort isn’t it?

I am an artist, a painter but am interested in many subjects and would enjoy chatting about all kinds of things with you. I am very lady like and feminine but I can be a tart in the bedroom such as you desire. I love to dress for sex, will always dress to please you and myself as I like to wear gorgeous sensual silky fabrics. You will have an amazing high class escort experience.

I offer an unforgettable experience and can play with your senses with a feather duster,piece of silk or one of my stockings and gently massage your body using scented oil to caress your body. As you may have guessed I enjoy men’s company and would derive as much pleasure as you from our encounter.

If you have any fantasies that you wish to explore I am open to suggestions as long as they don’t involve harming either of us. Dressing up can be fun and I make a good school girl! Could you imagine a high class escort looking like a school girl? Sumptuous!

The following is optional but I can if you wish, create a relaxed atmosphere for us by lighting candles, having scents of essential oils in the air and playing ambient, romantic music,CDs or a tape of natural sounds of the seashore to help us relax and make the most of our time together.

Page From The Diary Of A High Class Escort

Astro star sign – Pisces ruled by Neptune.

A water sign: Graceful and intelligent, gentle and approachable, intuitive and emotional.

The best thing I like about being a high class escort: The feelings of pleasure it gives me and being able to make a man feel that pleasure too and the whole together thing. I will accompany you to a concert, an art gallery, the theatre, or other public social function.

If you require a female high class escort for a work function I would be happy to be your partner for the evening. If you would like an opportunity to hear a little bit more about me or any other high class escorts, I have a new web site and phone line for you to call.


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